Sunday, December 16, 2012

Please Pass This Cup

Reading: Mark 14:32-36

With all the horrific violence in Connecticut this week, it's a shaky time in our country. We're frustrated, we're afraid, we're angry, we're exhausted. We've been bombarded with the media giving us incorrect information, constantly changing information, and their endless opinions. All the special interest groups are in full steam ahead mode, clamoring their anti- and pro-gun rhetoric. The cacophony of all the confusion is deafening.

And, we ask "why?"

How can God let this happen?

It's not a question we like to hear, especially as followers of God; when those on uneven spiritual ground or no spiritual ground at all ask this question, we squirm.

Just be reminded that this is not heaven yet. This is the imperfect world; we each have a mission. We're not going to be able to even remotely make sense of acts of evil after evil--this is what makes the world the world. This is, as believers, our mission field. We're not going to understand the why and how of everything that happens when Satan is on the loose--our intelligence is finite. However, we have been given, as believers of the next world's existence, the mission of working with one person at a time to bring them to this belief as well. We need to remember that the work is now. Our true peace will come in our eternal home.

Every time something horrific, sad, or distressing happens, we lose our comfort level. We ask to have the cup passed from us and let us just go about our lives. It's very difficult to do, but we all need to remember that each worldly event increases our duty to share that there is still Good News...that this life is fleeting, but eternal life is available to all for the asking.

There are not too many things I can think of that are more excruciating than losing a child to mindless violence. It's mind-numbing to even consider it. Yet, the love of Christ and the love of God is so very deep--it is the only answer that will help the healing begin. It's my charge--and my honor--every day to offer words of God's infinite love to those I come into contact with. I hope it will be your charge and honor as well.

God's will be done--His will for us of loving one another as we love ourselves. In this way, the world, even when it's at its worst, will perhaps make a bit more sense. And living our faith will spread some loving light on our brothers and sisters of this world.

Peace be with you.