Monday, November 24, 2014

For Dave and Mary Sue

As I scrolled down through Facebook posts this morning, I noticed the sad news on the local newspaper site telling of a fatal auto accident. I automatically sent a prayer. As I read on after clicking the link, that prayer turned to an audible gasp as I read that good friends of mine had lost their 18 year-old son in this accident. The sadness I initially felt turned to horror. The story took on a personal tone. The intense sting of my own memories of the near loss of a child came flooding back to me; and my own feelings, as devastating as they were, were for the near loss of a child--not a loss.

I began praying without ceasing for them.

I pray that they will immediately feel the peace that passes all understanding that comes from our loving God, our ever-lasting source of infinite comfort.

I pray that they physically and emotionally feel the thousands of prayers that are being prayed for them as they face this indescribable grief.

And I know
...that Christ is at their sides, embracing them with comfort none of us can begin to match.
...that God has them firmly in the palm of His wondrous hand, giving them the strength to face each day, each hour, each minute.

A child of God has been welcomed Home; those of us left here find it nearly impossible to feel anything but sadness...but thanks be to God that we know that Home awaits where all is safe...
all is well...
all is at peace...

We love you, Dave and Mary Sue...feel our prayers and lean on us. 
God's love be with you.
Peace be with you.